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About JRG Pest Control

JRG Pest Control are a small, family-owned business located in Lake Macquarie. We service all surrounding areas including the Newcastle, Maitland, Port Stephens, Lower Hunter and Central Coast Regions. Our commitment is to be the leading Pest Control Provider in Lake Macquarie.

Joshua King, owner and operator, has over 10 years experience in the industry. In that time, he has covered all aspects of pest control including large scale commercial bird netting installations. Throughout his time, he has built a reputation for his attention to detail and quality of work. 

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Prompt & Reliable Service
Competitive Rates
Child & Pet Friendly Treatments
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The Fastest Growing Service For Pest Control Lake Macquarie

Keeping You Informed

It’s important that you understand your options, how each treatment works and how it will be undertaken. We make sure you are comfortable with the service plan before we proceed.

We issue a Pre-Treatment Advice Notice before every residential treatment, outlining what service we are providing, what to expect from us and what can be done beforehand to ensure a thorough treatment is undertaken. Upon completion, you will be issued a digital service report outlining what activity was found, what areas were treated, product usage and any recommendations we feel would be beneficial to ensure your home remains pest free.

Value For Money

We are committed to keeping our prices very competitive so customers will continue to use our services into the future and be happy to recommend us to family and friends.

Commercial Bird Control

Commercial Bird Control Lake Macquarie

Pest birds cause untold millions of dollars in damage to buildings and company reputations in Australia each year. They also contribute the following problems:

Services we provide

Residential Pest Control Lake Macquarie

We understand how distressing a pest infestation can be and the impacts on your home, health and loved ones. Here at JRG Pest Control, we can provide fast, effective, targeted treatments for your pest problem. We also provide recommendations and helpful advice to prevent further infestations.

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Termite Pest Control Lake Macquarie

There are currently over 350 species of termites living in Australia, with approximately 40 of those species being invasive and destructive.

Termites infest and damage approximately one out of every five houses in Australia. This includes houses in New South Wales, Western Australia and Victoria where termite infestation is typically much lower than in Queensland and other warmer subtropical and tropical areas of Australia.

At JRG Pest Control, we offer a range of termite services including:

We are fully licenced and insured to undertake all works relating to termites. We can also take over your existing baiting and monitoring system. Because we are a small family-owned business, our overheads are lower, therefore we can provide our high-quality services at a cheaper price, saving you $$$.

Australian Standard 3660.2 recommends annual termite inspections, six monthly in high pressure areas. A small investment now, could prevent a costly repair bill in the future.

Commercial Pest Control Lake Macquarie

At JRG Pest Control, we understand how pest infestations can affect your business. We will assist you in addressing the pest issues, with little to no disruption to normal operations. No two businesses are the same, that’s why we provide a comprehensive and tailored service to each individual client.

We offer upfront, obligation free estimates. We will also conduct a free site consultation to discuss any pest issues or concerns you may have; we will then advise you the best way moving forward.

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Strata Pest Control

Strata Pest Control Lake Macquarie

Strata managed properties require regular inspections and treatments to maintain a pest free environment. We provide a customised treatment to suit the unique environment of your strata plan.

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